Trigger and Bypass Settings

The Pill Mini  The Pill

PCB Mono Custom


Bypass Setting

True: True Bypass*, switched by a relay.

Bffrd: Buffered Bypass*, for complete silent on/off switching. (default)

*Pedal always switches to True Bypass when unplugged from power.

Trigger Setting (The Pill Mini)

Audio Trigger like Drum Computers, Microphones, Instruments, Piezo Drum Mics, ...all kind of audio sources. (default)

CV: Controlled DC Voltage from Eurorack and other (semi-) modular synthesizers. Reacts to positive voltages bigger than 3V. Trigger Sensitivity Knob is inactive.

How to change the settings

Unplug pedal from power.

Open the pedal by unscrewing the bottom plate.

Just use a little plier to pull out the desired little jumper, and put it in again, offset by one pin, so covering the other 2 of the 3 pins.