The Pill Mono - Trigger and Bypass Settings

PCB Mono Custom
Factory Settings: Audio Trigger, Buffered Bypass

Trigger Setting

Audio: Audio Trigger like Drum Computers, Microphones, Instruments, Piezo Drum Mics, ...all kind of audio sources
CV: Controlled DC Voltage from Eurorack and other (semi-) modular synthesizers. Reacts to positive voltages bigger than 3V. Trigger Sensitivity Knob is inactive.

Bypass Setting

True: True Bypass*, switched by a relay.
Bffrd: Buffered Bypass*, for complete silent on/off switching.
*Pedal always switches to True Bypass when unplugged from power.

How to change the settings

Open the pedal by unscrewing the bottom plate.
Just use a little plier to pull out the desired little jumper, and put it in again, offset by one pin, so covering the other 2 of the 3 pins.