My answers to your questions.

All about the pedal itself

  • Where do I find the manual?

    Just here!
  • What’s new on the 2021 Version of THE PILL?

    -Added trigger thru output jack (The Pillonly)
    -Added CV/GATE/TRIGGER capability for the trigger input
    -Added Buffered Bypass option.
    -There's a Mini version available.
  • What are the differences between The Pill and The Pill Mini?

    The main difference is the audio channel count and the dimensions.
    Find everything and some other minor differences here
  • What kind of power does the pedal need?

    A standard Boss-Type 9-12V DC, center-negative plug.
    This polarity is standard for all guitar pedals, but not for other electronic gear.
    Find the manual here.
  • Can I use CV/GATE/TRIGGER signals to trigger The Pill?

    Yes! From all 2021 versions on.

    Stereo Version: Dedicated CV trigger input, can be used simultaneously with the audio trigger input.
    Mini Version: CV/Gate/Trigger or Audio-trigger. Can be set with an internal switch.
  • Does the Pedal accepts Midi?

    No. Or not really.

    There are no digits in The Pill. So there’s no Midi encoder. But, funnily, it reacts to midi messages. Just completely unfiltered (no encoder). That means it reacts to all CCs, Note Changes, Note on/offs, PCs, Pitch Bends, … on every channel.

    Surely, that’s not what you want, but if you really want to use The Pill with Midi, you could think of implement a MIDI filter before sending Midi to The Pill. There even exist smart Midi cables, which can filter everything out what you want (like everything except your desired „ducking“ Midi message). Google «Smart Midi Cable».

    But don’t forget, you can also just send an audio click track or similar to The Pill, instead of messing around with midi.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the pedal?

    Stereo Version:
    It's a standard-sized Hammond enclosure. The dimensions of the enclosure are 120x94x34 mm. It weights 350g

    Mini Version:
    It's a standard-sized Hammond enclosure. The dimensions of the enclosure are xx mm. It weights xxxg


  • Which payment methods do you offer?

    I accept payments via credit card, paypal, as well as bank wire transfer (please write me an email for my bank info details).
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes! I offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

    It only applies to online store purchases.

    If within 30 days of receiving your product(s) for some reason you are not satisfied and wish to return the product(s) back to me, please e-mail me at; I will issue you a full refund minus shipping costs.

    Buyer assumes cancellation return shipping costs.

  • Do you offer warranty?

    Yes, sure!

    I offer a warranty of 5 years for The Pill Pedal.

    The warranty covers problems related to the function or operation of the pedals due to faulty parts and/or problems related to workmanship. Client assumes shipping costs to and from my workshop.

    I do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse.

    I will, though, repair problems that do not fall within warranty for labour, parts + shipping costs.

    If you have a non-working pedal, please read the FAQ first and if you can’t find the solution there, please contact me and we’ll take it from there.

  • I received a damaged / faulty pedal. What do I do?

    Oh no! That has never happend so far.

    But if upon order arrival you receive faulty / damaged product(s), please email me at and I will ship a replacement or fix the issue for free.

    I will reimburse the return shipping costs you will initially pay so make sure to keep the receipt.


  • What’s the shipping method?

    Worldwide priority shipping w/ tracking number and insurance. Shipped by Swiss Post.
  • What are the shipping costs?

    Worldwide shipping costs: 15 CHF (~15 USD)
  • What’s the delivery time?

    Depending where you live, shipping needs 2-7 business days. This is based on my experience and not guaranteed.
  • Do you ship to outer space?

    Yes. I own some wormholes. I can ship through them. Because of spacetime, your package will arrive even before you ordered it.