My name is David, I’m musician, music producer and sound designer. I'm the creator of The Pill. This product is the outcome of years of passionated and intensive researching. Focused on musicality without compromises.

To hear how musicians all over the planet get inspired by this pedal is one of the most beautiful things I may experience in the journey of making this product.

Thank you for all that enthusiastic feedback!

If you are as excited as I am about this, please make sure to share it with your friends, it really makes a difference.

Thank you and huge Love!



Back when I lived in Lucerne, Switzerland, I was renting a trailer, that I used as a studio. One night I realized there was no effect pedal to do exactly what I wanted. The same night I started working on a prototype.

When I first tested it I was overwhelmed by the sound. It was even more alive than I could imagine. There was magic in the groove of the ducking volume curve and I knew I had to go forward with this project and make it available for other musicians. It became my passion and I couldn’t stop working on it.

The biggest challenge was to keep the vibe of this original prototype and build it into a more solid product. The character and spirit of the ducking curve was pure magic to me and I worked hard to preserve it and made it my first priority. The mojo of that ducking successfully made it to the final product!

In March 2017, I released a 30 pieces limited edition called #berlinbounce. It was the forerunner of The Pill, exclusively made for befriended musicians. It sold out in less then 12 hours and I got overwhelming excellent feedback.

To make it available for as many musicians as possible, I successfully ran a Kickstarter Campaign for The Pill Pedal in April 2019.