Back when I lived in Lucerne, Switzerland, I was renting a trailer, that I used as a studio. One night I realized there was no effect pedal to do exactly what I wanted. The same night I started working on a prototype.

When I first tested it I was overwhelmed by the sound. It was even more alive than I could imagine. There was magic in the groove of the ducking volume curve and I knew I had to go forward with this project and make it available for other musicians. It became my passion and I couldn’t stop working on it. 

The biggest challenge was to keep the vibe of this original prototype and build it into a more solid product. The character and spirit of the ducking curve was pure magic to me and I worked hard to preserve it and made it my first priority. The mojo of that ducking successfully made it to the final product!

Two years ago, in March 2017, I released a 30 pieces limited edition called #berlinbounce. It was the forerunner of The Pill, exclusively made for befriended musicians. It sold out in less then 12 hours and I got overwhelming feedback.

To make it available for as many musicians as possible, I successfully ran a Kickstarter Campaign for The Pill Pedal in April 2019.