Feautures & Specs

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Audio Inputs

  • 2x Mono ¼ Jack
  • 1x Mono ¼ Jack

Trigger Inputs

  • 1x Mono ¼ jack for audio trigger
  • 1x Mono ⅛ Jack for CV/Gate Trigger
  • Can be used simultaniously
  • 1x Mono ¼ Jack for both Audio and CV/Gate Trigger.
  • Selectable with internal switch

Audio Outputs

  • 2x Mono ¼ Jack
  • 1x Mono ¼ Jack

Trigger thru

  • true thru Mono ¼ output Jack
  • None. But you can just split the trigger signal with a Y-splitter cable before plug in to The Pill Pedal.


  • 119.5 x 94 x 38 mm (Hammond 1590BB)
  • 112.5 x 60.5 x 31 mm (Hammond 1590B)


  • True bypass with silent softtouch footswitch (operated by a relay)
  • Buffered bypass (completely silent switching)
  • Selectable with internal switch


  • Standard Boss type 9-12V DC (center negative). No batteries.

...but most importantly

  • Analog. No digits in here!
  • Flexible input levels (from guitars/mics to studio line-levels) due to a unique, minimalistic audio path
  • Musical and best sounding audio compression due to passive, optical signal ducking
  • Crucial parts are hand-selected, measured and matched by audition by a musician
  • High quality components, selected over years by A/B tests
  • Each pedal is calibrated by ear
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Enclosure, made by Hammond
  • Durable powder coating and lasting UV-Print
  • Designed in Berlin, handmade in Switzerland
  • Carbon neutral shipping with recycled boxing materials